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Care and maintenance of your bee hotel by fever4eva

Place your Bee Hotel in a sunny unshaded spot as bees love the sun ☀️

preferably facing south (recommended by Avon wildlife trust)

Your bee hotel is made from seasoned dried wood so it is weatherproof but to make it last longer we use Oslo oil which is non toxic and safe to bees once dried into wood

place in garden from spring through to autumn - try to place 1 metre above the ground in a full sunlight area if you can make some sort of rain canopy above your bee hotel area then it will stay dry.

if possible plant some bee attracting plants on ground below. Lavender/sunflowers and bright coloured flowers will do nicely especially yellow/orange flowers!

During late autumn remove to a dry unheated shed or undercover area during winter months to prevent damp/mould from rain and bad weather as that will kill the larvae.

item can be cleaned with warm water

bees will only live in a clean space - only clean when there is no activity and if there are leaves and twigs at front of holes then this means you have a nesting solitary bee! So please do not clean if this is the case. However if you do come across bee larvae while cleaning your bee hotel place on paper or in a cardboard box till spring or place back in holes once cleaned. This will all help to keeping you‘re bees happy and using the hotel

thankyou for reading!

We hope you have lots of fun watching your bees 🐝

from all the Fever4eva team

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